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How Comfortable Is Your City With PDA?

PDA In the USA - How views of Public Displays of Affection make out across the country

Today, Chemistry.com released a report, detailing the top 10 and least 10 cities comfortable with public displays of affection (PDA’s). While New York City is on the top 10 list (listed No. 5), the top city where people are the most comfortable with PDA’s is Honolulu. Honolulu’s #1 ranking, could be due to its consideration as a romantic city and honeymoon get away. It’s the cities that are the least comfortable with PDA’s that are the most shocking, five of them are in Florida (Orlando, Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Ft. Myers), and two are in Nevada (Reno, Las Vegas). This makes no sense at first, if you consider the reputation of these cities, it makes a bit more sense. [Read The Rest Of This Entry]

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