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Erectile Dysfunction Isn’t Just An “Old Man” Issue

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I’ve been meaning to write this post since the inception of Single City Guy. Erectile Dysfunction is possible the most crippling condition any man can have. It directly affects what men hold important to our lives. I’m thinking beyond just our sexual activity, men often feel crippled with the thought of impotence, and even feel worthless. The thought of impotence is every man’s biggest fear, more so than being alone.

When I was first afflicted with erectile dysfunction, I didn’t quite know what to think. I quickly brushed the fears aside, and determined it was only a temporary issue. I thought due to my lack of sexual experience, it would resolve itself. However, when the situation kept arising, I was devastated, frightened, and unsure of my own masculinity. I was ready to quickly enter a world of deep depression. [Read The Rest Of This Entry]

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