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How Do You Handle The Breakup And The Ex?

Post relationship management is a tricky and difficult process, especially in NYC. In the city, you’re bound to meet up with your past at unexpected moments and situations. Usually, before the breakup happens, decisions are made, and must be changed based on the new status of the relationship. Look at Hugh Hefner whom was dumped by his fiancé, days before the wedding. The cover of the June 2011 issue of playbow now sports a “Runaway Bride” stick on the cover, the same cover set to introduce the new Ms. Hefner to the world. That’s a bold way to handle a breakup.

Breakups suck, regardless of how much they may need to happen. The way the breakup is handled will also effect how things proceed in the future with your ex. What will happen when when you see them again? If you two are friendly, or enemies the answer to this question are completely different. Potentially, there’s a lot of the feelings that arise from the now, completed, relationship. [Read The Rest Of This Entry]

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Responsibilities Still Exist After A Breakup

Depressed man sitting by the window, while the world passes by

Breaking up with someone you’re dating is a hard, and very difficult to handle. As I’ve recently discussed, there’s never a good time for a breakup, and it’s not something you can typically plan. The end of a relationship always requires some emotional mending and recuperation time, however the rest of the world continues to go about their daily lives. One thing I’ve recently learned is, outside of friends and family, the rest of the world couldn’t care less about your breakup with another person. Even if you’re a popular superstar. Anytime Kim Kardashian broke up with her boyfriend, it didn’t become national Kim Kardashian Break-Up Day. I still had work to do, bills to pay, responsibilities to maintain. [Read The Rest Of This Entry]

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