Let’s Talk Birth Control

These ads from the Ad Council, and their new Bedsider campaign makes a very clear point, “You didn’t give up on sex, so don’t give up on birth control.” While the topic, is very much a hot button issue, the campaign makes a very valid point. Too often are we eager to talk about sex, but not eager to talk about ways to¬†¬†prevent unwanted pregnancies. The conversation isn’t a female only topic, we men also hold a responsibility in the matter as well!

Using contraceptives, while having sex, helps prevent an unwanted pregnancy. This isn’t like a couple who’s engaged and find out they have a child on the way, this is more like the one-night stand, turning into your baby’s mama. Some birth control methods are necessary in today’s dating world, because they also prevent against any STD’s/STI’s. Let’s be honest, who really wants gonorrhea?

A part of the topic surrounding birth control, is the lack of knowledge, or having access to free birth control options. The Bedsider (along with great commercials), has a wealth of resources to find free contraceptive options, birth control reminders (aimed primarily at women), some helpful facts about contraceptives, and most importantly, a list of the types of birth control methods.

While the website is primarily geared towards women, there’s a lot of information and tools for men to read, check out, and understand. Because, if we guys are going to have sex, we should at least be informed of what all the options are as well!

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    Toni said on August 5th, 2013 - 2:41 pm

    A man that is aware that safe sex shouldnt only be left to the woman. My kind of guy. You had better not be single anymore ;)