Is It Okay To Try And Date The Friends Of Someone You Dated? [Poll]

You’ve gone on a date with someone, and it didn’t work out. The two of you have almost communication, and randomly end up in the same place with friends. In meeting her friends, you’re more into them, than you are her, and you rather go out with them, than her, are you crossing the line?

That’s the question of this weeks poll. Is it okay to ever hit, flirt, or try to date the friends of someone you’ve dated? Or are you crossing the line? Answer the poll, and share your thoughts below!

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    Somegirl said on December 7th, 2011 - 5:39 am

    Ive had this situation in reverse Luckily the guy was easy going about it so we went ahead I think it just depends on the person whos being dropped, how they react either kills all chances or lets it happen