Football Dating Rivalries: Who Has A More Active Dating Life?

The New England Patriots may have one of the best quarterbacks in Tom Brady, several SuperBowl rings, and several impressive playoff losses (including last year to my Jets). But Patriots fans don’t have a more active dating life, over their rival Jets fans, according to’s recent infographic. released an infographic comparing major football rivalries against each other, to see who has more dates thru It’s pretty interesting stuff, and good smack talk chatter once your football team goes up against their rival.┬áSo you San Diego, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Miami have something to cheer about.

I must note, while the people a do an amazing job, the Jets biggest rival isn’t the New England Patriots, it is the Miami Dolphins, one of the few rivals who have more dates on than the Jets. It doesn’t matter, I’ll take my team with a better record any day!

For the full size of the image.

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