Dating Costs: What Men and Women Truly Think Infographic: The Real Cost Of Dating

Click to engage recently surveyed over 550 men and women, and asked them about the costs associated to dating. They published this infographic (click above to see the larger picture), which has some some interesting tidbits about the perception of cost from the male and female perspective.

The most interesting aspect are perceptions men have for the first few dates. There’s a perceived expectation of the amount a date should cost. We’re afraid if we spend to little, we’ll be dubbed as cheap. According to the chart, there’s some possible truth behind the thought. Three times more men, than women, think there are expectations behind the amount they need spend on the first date. Although, 46% of women surveyed believe the amount spent on the date is inconsequential, and 5% of women are fine with no money being spent. This leaves another 49% of women who have some expectation of what a first date should cost. There’s a limit, 75% of women surveyed, don’t want to go t a fancy restaurant. So for guys, there isn’t a worry about breaking the bank on the first date.

If you want to consider the cost, the first few dates aren’t too expensive. Almost 60% of men spend $50+ on a date during the first weeks of dating; roughly the same amount 65% of women spend getting ready for their first dates. The rule of thumb here is, don’t go for something fancy, find a comfortable first date option, that allows you to get to know the person, and not their bank account.

This information is interesting. For the first weeks of dating, it seems men are largely held responsible for some financial cost. It’s not as much as we think, but if you’re expecting a woman to pay for the first date, it may end early.

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    AndThatsWhyYoureSingle said on April 19th, 2011 - 2:25 pm and all their surveys kill me. Howsabout they do a survey of their members and figure out why nobody is actually meeting anyone through their site?

    Sorry to be cranky, but these surveys are such blatant ploys for attention and traffic. I wish they’d put more focus on making the $35+ dollars people spend a month more worthwhile.


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