Weekly Recap: Feb 27th – Mar. 5th, 2011

This past week was a slow blogging week, but filled with some great posts, all focused around dating. This week I also was able to team up with the makers of DateMate, as they are offering their app for only .99 this week, until March 13th.


Last week, was the end of Black History Month, and I wrapped up my series on Interracial Dating, by talking about how dating someone of a different ethnicity can cause backlash from those closest to you.

For men, I offered some guidelines to communicating with the women you’re interested in.

This week’s poll, asked “What Are Common Dating Complaints About Men?” with 24% of the respondents saying that the biggest complaint is, men are commitment phobic.

Match.com this week, said the top placed to date a geek are the Silicon Valley area, the Boston Area, and parts of the DC area.  Often geeks and nerds are overlooked as great dating companions, but there are five reasons why you should consider dating a geek.

When is someone too young to date? The topic of age and dating was exploring in some detail this week, along with some guidelines to what is the appropriate age ranges to date another person.


This week’s review was DateMate, your digital, analytical version of a little black book. This week the app is available on the App Store for .99 cents. You can also try out the lite version of the app for free.

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