Women: Here’s What Men Really Want

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I’m often told, women know exactly what men want. They know our inner most desires, wants, and are able to satisfy those needs. When I hear the comment, I can’t help to think its context revolves around sex. I believe women think that men truly and only desire sex. That’s not true at all. I know many men (including myself) who have turned down sex from attractive, willing and eager women. Men want a lot more than just sex, and to assume that it’s male needs revolves around, is misguided. So what do men truly want? There’s many things, but there are some common themes that we ultimately seek in women.


Every guy wants one thing, someone who makes us happy . The idea that men are commitment phobic is untrue. Men aren’t afraid of having one companion for the rest of our lives. If you don’t believe me, take a look into’s survey about men and marriages. Based on their numbers, 33% men and women surveyed are willing to get married.

Personal Space

Guys have a need for personal space. Sometimes we want to just do our own thing. This comes in many forms, such as a guy’s night, other times in the form of complete solitude. The need for distance is never about the woman we’re with, but about our personal agendas. Every guy has a personal hobby, task or project to give us a sense of accomplishment. From playing video games or building a bird house to obtaining calm from meditation, our personal space allows us to accomplish our goals.

A Woman’s Trust

Every guy jokes about having to do a task to keep the girlfriend happy. It stems from the feeling that women don’t trust men. Wether or true or not isn’t the issue of this conversation; what men truly want is the trust of their woman. Every other woman can think we’re liars, but the one we’re with should trust us implicitly. We hate the feeling that the person we’re with is consistently looking over our shoulder, or questions what we’re doing and we’ve been.

To Be Wanted For Ourselves

Gold diggers exist. There are women who seek men out because of their stuff. Every guy wants a woman to want him, not his material possessions. Guys are insecure, and we all have a dorky thing we enjoy. A woman who is enjoys our dorkiness, and don’t magnify our insecurities are the type of women we want to keep close. Wanting us for exactly who we are is a beautiful, attractive, amazing thing.

A Woman’s Respect

Men want respect from their woman. Most men have been in a relationship  were we weren’t given an ounce of respect. As a guy, it’s completely frustrating when we’re doing our best only to receive little or no respect from our partner. Every guy wants a relationship based on respect; we must will respect you if you respect us. Respect is the foundation of any relationship, and it’s the most important thing we seek, want, and need. If we’re with a woman, who truly respects us, we’re more willing to stand by her side than any other hot supermodel-like woman.

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    Elle Grace said on February 15th, 2011 - 12:34 pm

    Very interesting post. While reading this, I applied ‘the wants’ to men I have dated in the past and I can honestly say, every last one of them rings too. To think that a man wants sex and only sex is ridiculous. You can’t base a relationship solely on sex.

    Mind you, there are men out there who do want a particular woman just for sex. They may not want a relationship with her but they do want to sleep with her. Woman play this game too so it’s not all one sided. I think this is where respect comes in. You both have to be on the same page whether your encounters are purely sexual or you wish to enter a relationship.

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    Christy McHale said on March 1st, 2011 - 7:17 am

    Right post at the right time. Its funny how all these things are so simple and all it requires for us to follow through with them is just to be ourselves but we fail in doing this most of the times because we expect men to be more complicated than what they really are.


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