What Men Can Expect From Oral Sex

Handjob Live!

I’ve noted how much guys love oral sex, and the reasons why. There’s nothing like it. We do take it to extremes, expecting things that would only happen in porn or in very rare cases. We have freaky imaginations and watching the amount of porn we do doesn’t help break any of these expectations. That being said, we need to dial down our expectations when it comes to oral sex. Here’s some things I’ve learned to expect.

First, never expect that a woman is going to really love giving head. Some do, some don’t; it’s pretty much a crap shoot if your girl truly loves it. I assume most women perform the act because they know it turns us on. Some women see this as a part of foreplay, which means that she has a time limit as to how long she’s going to stay down on you. This also means don’t expect women are going to swallow, while she may enjoy orally servicing you, the act of swallowing seamen is less likely to happen.

Next, we men should expect to return the favor. Maybe not the same night but in the near future. Most women who give, want. Regardless of how much we may hate or fear it, it’s the right thing to do. Don’t be a selfish jackass!

While men watch a lot of porn, what happens in porn doesn’t always happen in real life. I can’t think of a person who enjoys having something vigorously slammed into their throat repeatedly. Let alone, turning blue in the face because of it. Also don’t expect her to enjoy your seamen on her. These should be things discussed ahead of time or if told during the moment, otherwise don’t expect rough oral sex.

Finally do not expect it all of the time. Most women aren’t fond of always having to perform. Oral sex is clearly an act to please us men, it’s selfish on our part but selfless on theirs. Regardless of how much we may love it, I’m sure you can go without needing it every day!

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